Flodin was born on 9th July in the year 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden. He belongs to a Christian family. His father was a cab driver in Stockholm and his mother was working in a superstore in Stockholm. Kalle has one younger brother and one elder sister. Kalle Flodin completed his schooling at a government school in Stockholm. After completing his schooling, he joined Stockholm school of economics where he studied Economics. The financial stabilization of his family was not good so he has to work part-time to manage his studies.



Kalle Flodin was a specialist and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. As he graduated from Stockholm school of economics, he was an economist. After completing his schooling he joined the Stockholm school of economics for his higher studies. He works part-time to manage his studies during his higher studies in university.


After completing his higher studies, he got a job in a corporate company in Stockholm. Now he was able to manage his family. He found his passion during his launch time in office on YouTube. He has seen a random video about filmmaking on YouTube and he gets a deep interest in it. He decided to be a filmmaker and he was doing it also.


After doing his corporate job for 3 years, he decided to leave his job. Because he was a nature lover and he didn’t like the corporate life in Stockholm. Finally, he moved to northern Sweden in the year 2016. At this time, he bought a wood house in northern Sweden and started renovating it solo. He created his youtube channel in the same year 2016 and started posting videos.