Lana was born on the 6th of September in the year 1996 in Chicago. Her father’s name was Justin Rhoades and he is a businessman. Lana’s mother’s name was Ema Rhoades and she is a housewife. Lana completed her schooling at a private school in Chicago. After completing her schooling in Chicago, she moved to Los Angeles. She lived most of her life in remote areas in the United States of America. When she was at the age of 17, she left her parents for her work in the adult industry.


Lana was from a religious family, so she always tries to manage her occupation from her parents.




Lana completed her schooling in Chicago. She was very intelligent and a very good student in her school. She began her higher studies at Oak Calm College. Her performance in cheerleading was outstanding in her college.


During this time, she started working in a company named tilted kilt before her work in the adult industry. At this time of 2014, she had already decided to join the adult industry. She was getting more popular after her work in playboy cyber girls in the year 2018.


Finally, in the year 2013, she started working in the adult industry when she was just 17 years old. At this time, she moved to Los Angeles from Chicago. She features Lana Rhoades in the adult movies which gives her popularity and too much following.