Niilo was born on the 7th of July in the year 1991 in the small village Narva. Narva is a small village in Estonia. His father was a farmer. He manages his pig farming in Estonia. Karl Niilo’s mother was a housewife and sometimes she helped Karl’s father to manage their farm. Karl Niilo has two older sisters and they are now graduated. Karl Niilo has completed his schooling from govt school in Narva. After completing his schooling, he moved to Haapsalu for his higher studies.



Karl Niilo holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media. He joined Tallinn University when he completed his schooling in his village Narva. After completing his higher studies in mass media from Tallinn University, he started life in Tallinn. He searched for jobs and got it within a few days. He joined a private podcasting company where he works as a sales manager. His salary was $2400/month at that time.


Karl Niilo felt himself as a speaker when he was doing a seminar on his company’s annual selling function in Tallinn. Then he decided to start motivational speaking. He created his YouTube channel and an Instagram account where started posting videos that help people to keep motivated. Now he has more than 550k+ followers on his Instagram and more than 540k+ subscribers on his Youtube channel. He left his job when he felt that now he was stable in his works on social media. He was also doing seminars in Estonia and beyond.