Pagel was born on 6th April in the year 1989 in a small village in Altenberg which is located in Saxony. His father was a teacher and run a small restaurant business also. His mother was a housewife and she was helping his father in their restaurant business also. Lennart completed his schooling at a private school in Altenberg, Saxony. After completing his schooling, he moved to Frankfurt to complete his higher studies in Videography and Photography. He got his degree from Frankfurt.



Lennart Pagel holds a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Videography. He completed his higher studies in Frankfurt, Germany. When he was in the 2nd year of his studies, he started clicking photos and it became his passion. After 1 year, he started getting clients for his skills in photography and videography. He got a job when he was completing his higher studies. He works in an event company where he works as a photographer. He worked there for 3 years.


During this time, he was also doing some extra work for his clients which he has from his social media. He left his job in the year 2018 and started his own company named Lennart. Currently, he has many clients and runs a very successful business with 10 crew members in his company. Now his career was photography and videography and he was doing it very nicely.