Tom was born on the 11th of August in the year 1992 in Manchester city, England. He belongs to a middle-class family. His father was a school teacher and his mother was a digital marketer. He has two sisters and has no brothers in their family. Tom completed his schooling at a private school in Manchester and after that, he moved to London for his higher studies. He studies Chemical engineering at the University of East London. He left his studies after two years of his joining the university.



Tom Scot doesn’t hold a bachelor’s degree anywhere. But he was now working on a cargo ship. He left his chemical engineering, in the second year of his studies. He joined the University of East London after completing high school. After graduating from university, he joined merchant navy college to achieve his goal in the merchant navy.


Finally, after one year, he joined the merchant navy and now he works in. He found his passion for making videos in late 2011, and started his youtube channel about the construction company where he was now working. He started posting videos on his channel and now, he has more than 4 million+ subscribers on his channel. He was doing his job and YouTube at the same time.